Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here I go.

August 17, I will be moving to Genolier, Switzerland. It is in the canton of Vaud, outside of Nyon, and very close to Geneva. I am beyond excited. I feel like I am on the brink of a great adventure. For a year I will live with a wonderful family, helping out around the house and taking care of 2 little ones, Mathilde and Malko. I will learn French, and I will begin my journey of becoming a "world citizen" (I know, I know, it sounds cheesy, but I aspire to it).

Right now, I am equally terrified and enticed by the unknown of a different culture. I had a video conference with the family, and it was so nice and reassuring to speak to them face to face. I didn't get to say hello to Malko, he was in the bath, but I did get to meet Mathilde, and she is adorable. She said (Ivana translating), I wish you could come today! Well, my heart melted on the spot. Ivana said she is eager to learn English, and she tries very hard to speak it, but it is just mostly made-up words. Ivana later emailed me, stating Mathilde spent their entire dinner asking questions about me (when was I coming, why couldn't I come earlier, how long will I stay, what are my hobbies, etc). I already feel so much love for this family and I just hope that I can fill these little ones' lives with as much love as they can handle.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the children. I think you can see why I am so enamored with them.
I will try my hardest to keep this updated with all my adventures (and mundane things too).

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