Wednesday, July 30, 2008

home (for now)

I cannot wait til I can post from Switzerland.
I just spent the last week and a half in Minneapolis, spending time with my wonderful boyfriend. It was the nicest trip. I was only supposed to stay for a week, but Dan convinced me to stay a few extra days...and it was worth it. We traveled to Wittenberg, WI to visit his grandparents, and his sister came back to Minneapolis with us. Dan's grandparents live on almost 200 acres (I think), and have gardens, and a Christmas tree farm, and make maple syrup. I ate some amazing food, like homegrown corn & potatoes, steak on the grill, homemade apple sauce from their own apple tree... And I got a pint of maple syrup from the last batch - no sugaring next year. Upon returning to the cities, we showed Laura our Minneapolis; why we love it so much. All we did in the extra time I spent there was move Dan from his campus apartment to a house in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood. It was such a nice "vacation" and the more time I spend with Dan, the more I like him. I think that is a good sign.
Only 17 days before I leave... unbelievable. I almost do not believe I am leaving, but I think I am preparing for it (mentally... do not ask to see my bedroom).
Here are some pictures from Minneapolis & Wittenberg.
cider at Brit's


the river behind Dan's grandparents house

Dan and Laura

by the sugaring sheds

It really was such a nice time. But I feel a little suspended... I am halfway ready to go. It will come soon enough. This weekend: saying goodbye to the grandparents. Next weekend: wedding, saying goodbye to Minneapolis friends. Following weekend: Switzerland!

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Annie D. said...

I won't even get a real goodbye.

I'm trying not to be sad because a year goes by really fast. And I also have hope that you will come back because well, because of Dan and that's enough reason for you to come back. :)