Friday, August 15, 2008

I got new glasses

I leave tomorrow.

Right now, Dan and I are sitting on my couch, with our respective macbooks, and the dog is sleeping under a blanket in between us. Normal, everyday stuff with Dan is so nice. Last night, before we went to see the midnight showing of Star Wars: Clone Wars (nerd alert), we were both sitting, with our laptops, drinking coffee, and playing video games we hacked off the internet. Perfect Dan & Cam time. There are so many moments I just want to freeze and tuck away, so I could pull them out on a sad day and be happy I have such a normal, sweet but as manly as Clint Eastwood, perfect boyfriend.

Want to hear a crazy story?
Yesterday, Dan and I swung by LensCrafters so I could get a new pair of glasses before I left. They had a deal in which you received free lenses with a purchase of frames. So this sweet girl is helping, and I'm being totally honest with her; all I can afford is the free lenses. Only the cheapest lenses were free with a frames purchase, everything else was just on sale. Fine with me. Give me the basics, I do not have too much money to throw around. So she gets this guy to come and help, and he looks at my prescription, and says, "You can't get these basic lenses, your prescription is so bad you need these lenses." Oh, that's right, I remember I am totally blind, and if I do not get the ultra-thin lenses, I will essentially have about an inch of plastic in front of my eyes. I glance at the price of "these lenses", and the lenses alone are $280 (on sale - normally $470!). My frames are $189. I cannot afford that. I do not have vision insurance. I start talking really fast, and Dan's boyfriend radar is going off, and he can tell I am close to tears. The two helping me go to the back to speak with the tech, and I burst into tears. In the middle of LensCrafters.
Yes, I am a crier, but this was a little out of control. Dan is trying to calm me down, all I can eek out is something to the effect of, "I'm so stressed... moving out of the country... can't afford this... come back later"
The two employees come back, and the guy sits down, and says hesitantly, "Is everything ok?" I apologize, trying to mope up rogue streams of mascara, and inform them I am moving to Switzerland on Saturday, and I am stressed, and I cannot afford it, and I need to think about it and I will come back.
They immediately feel bad for me. The guy says, "That's so cool! Oh, you should be happy. Let's see what we can do. What's your price range?"
I just mumble that I will come back after talking to my ever-wise father.
The guy pauses. "You know what? Don't worry about it. We'll just give you the nice lenses for free."
He shrugs. "Don't worry. You should be happy! You two are moving to Switzerland!"
Dan and I look at each other. "Actually, she's leaving me behind." Dan says.
The guy feels even more sorrow for me (If that is possible at this point. Seriously, I was pathetic, and a little embarrassed to return to pick up my glasses). They take my eye measurements and I pay - after the discount, $162.75... Wait, were the frames not $189... whatever. No complaints here! Here is a picture of me in my new glasses (I just woke up).
I love them! It took Dan a little bit to get used to them, and my mom, but my last pair were thick black frames, with rhinestones, so whatever. Can you see the coke-bottle thickness?

Time to finish packing, translate the French on my e-ticket so I can have a clue of what to do tomorrow, and get ready for the party tonight. My next post will be from Switzerland!

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Christina said...

Hi Camille! By now you should have arrived in Switzerland I'm sure! I've been here for 6 days now and I'm loving it!! I'm so excited for you!! Sorry I never responded earlier about packing, I didn't pack until the day before...typical me, but it all worked out just fine, and both my bags were 51 pounds each! I'm curious to see how you managed, and I might have to look into the travel storage bags like you had!! sounds like a great idea. once you get settled, we should connect to talk about our experiences so far :) Enjoy!!