Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm a bloody mess. Literally.

I have become completely accident prone in the last two days, and my right hand has born the brunt of the injuries. I burned my right pinky finger smack dab on the knuckle while cooking lunch for the kids, and I hit my right hand on the metal bannister, resulting in a bruised vein (ouch). Today, I stepped on a teeny tiny shard of glass, and had to pull it out of my heel with tweezers. If you're squeamish, you probably want to stop reading, cause I'm just getting to the worst part right now.

I was flipping through Ivana's cookbook this morning, looking for her crĂȘpes recipe. All of her recipes are loaded into a big binder, and the rings don't stay shut very well, so pages slip out. Well, a whole mess of pages slipped out, so I was putting them back in. When I tried to snap the rings back together, one overlapped and scraped me across the knukle (right hand, of course, index finger). It hurt, but not that bad. I felt something weird in between my middle finger and my ring finger, so I looked closer at my hand.

It was a weird curly-cue.... and then I almost fainted, because I realized it was a curly-cue of MY SKIN.

I look at my index finger, and there was a huge gash, and as soon as I notice it, it starts gushing blood, and hurting like crazy. I grabbed a paper towel to stop the bleeding and went through about three band-aids (it's actually bleeding right now; I don't think my finger likes blogging very much right now). Anyway, after my finger stopped throbbing, I came up to my room, and that's when I stepped on the miniscule shard of glass. After I got myself all patched up (thank God I brought Neosporin), I laid across my bed on my tummy with my feet in the air, and my right hand on my head, because both my foot and my finger thought it would be fun to randomly squirt blood. It's hard to elevate your foot and your hand above your heart at the same time.

My finger has been bleeding on and off all day, luckily, my heel is fine. Hopefully I won't bleed all over the comforter tonight.

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