Thursday, October 23, 2008

funny kids

I think I work with some of the cutest, funniest kids.
Here are some funny things I have heard.
(translated from French for your ease)

scene 1
In the car, on the way to Mathilde's piano lesson
Mathilde: Mama, today I tried dates at school. I loved them!
Ivana: Wow, dates? You really liked them? Well, next time I go to the store, why don't you come with me and we can buy some.
Mathilde: Why do I need to go with you?
Ivana: So I don't forget!
Mathilde: You take a pen, you take a piece of paper, you write it down, bring it with you. It's not hard.

scene 2
dinner table
Bertrand: Malko, what do you want for your birthday?
Malko: Um, I want a telescope, so we can all look at the stars and planets.
Bertrand: What else?
Malko: I want a picture of you and Mama on your wedding day!

scene 3
Malko talking to everyone at dinner
Malko: Oh, the skies and flowers are so beautiful! The mountains! Oh! And Mama and Papa are very in love, and now Cami is here, and all three of you are all in love! Yay!

I love these kids, and I love my job.

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