Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've been really neglecting my blog lately. I'm so sorry. I really have been busy!

Last weekend, I went to Anzère with a group of people (twenties 'n' thirties, aka TNT) from my church, and I had a wonderful weekend. We rented a chalet, hiked, built fires, ate fondue, drank wine, had a few devotional times together... so refreshing. I really feel like I'm making a home here. I know that someday soon, I will be so homesick for the States (already homesick for Chipotle and Target), but I have met amazing people, and I feel like I have transitioned pretty well. I think living with a Swiss family, and approaching this year with an open mind has really helped. I came knowing Switzerland would be different from the States, in ways I would expect, and completely not expect, and I think that mindset helped me settle in quite well. I know the honeymoon will end, but right now I'm just enjoying it.

Yesterday, I had the day off, and today I had an unexpected day off, so I've been just relaxing and catching up on the sleep I lost in Zermatt and Anzère. I know I'm growing up because I can't really sleep past 8am anymore. I just get up, no matter what time I went to bed the night before. For those of you who don't know me too well, this is a big deal. I need a lot of sleep to function, and I am definitely crabby in the mornings. No so much any more, though...

My French is really progressing. Yesterday, my friend Jenna and I found an adorable little crêperie in Nyon, and I spoke French with the server. When he found out I was an American, he was impressed that I even tried to speak French with him, and complimented me on my accent. We had a nice conversation in "franglais". I consider myself so lucky to be around French all day - my children don't speak any English, most of the dinner conversation is in French, we watch French movies, listen to French music, radio etc. I am so immersed in it, it's hard not to learn. I also try to speak a lot. At first I was very shy about it, but I've recently just gotten over it. Can't get better unless I try.

And just to reiterate, I am so so so thankful for my friends here. I remember crying to Dan via Skype, and saying, "I just need one friend, that's all I need." Well, now I have many, many friends that I love dearly. I am so happy and content in my relationships. It's wonderful. I will leave you all with a photo (that I stole from Ben. Thanks Ben.). Outside of our chalet, ready to go, everyone happy after a great time.

Great group of people, huh? I think so. I will definitely try to post a little more regularly! The kids are on holiday this week and the next, so my days are up in the air. But this Saturday I'm having an international thanksgiving with some friends, so I'll try to take loads of pictures.

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