Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Minneapolis, how I love thee

I just had the nicest Memorial weekend in my favorite city (in America), Minneapolis. I love Minneapolis (and its twin, Saint Paul) very very much. Something about it just gets in your blood...

Anyway, Sunday was a perfect Minneapolis day. I spent the night at my friend Ashley's apartment, and we slept in. She made pannekoeken for breakfast, and then I headed over to Dan's. After lazing around for a while, we headed to the Birchwood Cafe and I had a perfect lunch of a smoked turkey salad sandwich with watercress, roasted corn, red peppers, black beans, and microgreens in a lime cilantro dressing, and Dan had a black bean burger (I did not pay any attention to his burger, I was enraptured with my sandwich). I think it is my favorite place to eat in the cities. Everything is so fresh, local, organic, and just plain yummy. Last time I was there, they had a turkey burger with strawberries, red onion, honey aioli, bibb lettuce, and a big hunk of melty brie. mmmmmm.

I digress. After that we went to Sebastian Joe's in Linden Hills for ice cream. We walked near Lake Harriet and wandered into a little garden shop, where I made good friends with a little old lady, and watched the sky get very very dark in the Northeast, shortly before the tornadoes came.

The only way it could have been better would have been a trip to Kopplin's Coffee and a movie at the Riverview Theater but tornadoes were touching down and we decided to go back to Dan's nice sturdy apartment building. While we stood outside (Dan lives across the street from The Band Box) watching the storms come in, I ran into my good friend Rachel. She is one of my favorite people. We ended a night with a trip to Uptown and yelled at a taxi driver for being stupid. It was a great, Minneapolis day.

Minneapolis, I will think of you often while I am in Switzerland, and I cannot wait to be a resident of you again, someday.

en fin

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