Friday, June 13, 2008

Home Alone.

I am alone for the weekend, and I am so happy. I actually really like living with my parents, but it is so nice to be alone.

They left me a little money for food, so I wandered over the the grocery store tonight. I was not in the mood for anything particular, so I grabbed a basket and started to mosey around. While I was wandering the massive, carpeted aisles, it hit me - 2 months from now, I will not have this luxury. From my research and time in Europe, grocery stores are small. And they are not open 24 hours a day. I remember ice cream runs in my college days at 3 in morning, procrastinating in the middle of massive projects and papers. Probably not going to happen next year. Which really, is good. I do need to be better at planning, and remembering the world doesn't revolve around my schedule. Maybe the Swiss groceries will help.

Right now I'm waiting for my lasagna to finish baking (very practical, about 4 meals out of one pan) and munching on my most favorite food in the whole world, sugar snap pea pods.

I have not even thought about packing or buying my camera or anything. I really need to get on the ball. Please, if you see me, or talk to me, please remind me to continue paring down my belongings. Thanks.


Catherine Nelson-Pollard said...

Hi Camille,
You are right, 24 hour shopping is pretty much unheard of here in Switzerland so no ice creams at 03:00 in the morning. However "all hours" shopping is now becoming more common in the UK.

Just a word of friendly advice. Try not to lump "Europe" in one category. Switzerland and its rules are far removed from those say of Greece, Scotland or the Czech Republic.All so very, very different. As different as the Hamptons is to the Bronx or Des Moines is to Seattle or Washington DC. Now that there are 27 countries in the European Union then that diversity is even greater.

Shame you are not here at the moment. We are going through three weeks of Euro 2008, a mega European football championship hosted by Austria and Switzerland. The atmosphere is great fun and there are football fans all over the place. You also might like to look at my new blog called "Living in Nyon" which will give you an idea of the town you will be near and what is happening here.Shame you will miss Paleo too in July a fabulous 5 day music festival that completely takes over, with major bands (you can go next year!)
There is a great site called Glocals too (look under single life on Living in Nyon ) where you will be able to meet loads of folk your age and there is an Au Pair Club too in Nyon . Let me know when you are due to arrive, I can show you where it is and of course it would be great to meet you.

seanna.nicole said...

your time is coming up! i think i need to do a post on my blog about you and christina both coming to Europe to work as au pairs - maybe we should start advertising this at North Central :)
anyway, i just wanted to say...I.HATE.GROCERY.SHOPPING.HERE - in Sweden (and in France, Spain and Sicily, as far as i could see) the grocery stores are ridiculously small and (in my opinion) inconvenient. but then, from what i've seen, they tend to shop every day or every other day for their groceries, rather than doing one big mega trip per month, like Americans. i've learned to adjust, and to figure out when the best times to go are...but hands down, it's my least favorite thing about Sweden.