Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4th of July

I am just trying to write more. Until I get there, I really have nothing else to say but "I'm so excited" or "I'm so nervous" or "I'm going to miss Dan a lot".


I am going to write about other stuff.

Let me tell you about the 4th of July. It really is one of my favorite holidays, and simply because of memories/and what I've missed by spending summers in Minneapolis.

We go to Carlyle, IL, a little town about an hour east of St. Louis, where my grandparents live (and great aunts/uncles/2nd cousins etc). It's an adorable little town. It's right on Carlyle Lake, the biggest man-made lake in the state (fact). When we (my cousins and I) were little, we loved going down there, because Grandpa and Grandma had a pontoon boat, cousin Mark had a speed boat, and Grandpa taught us how to canoe, fish, play golf, washers, horseshoes, and just let us be kids. We did occasionally think it was boring, because there were no video stores, or McDonald's, just a Wal-Mart (all of the above is there now! yea!)

Fast-forward a few years. Grandparents no longer have pontoon, but we do lots of golfing. But it is still the best. Uncle Dave makes awesome margaritas (he is from TX), we eat fried chicken, cousin Lisa's pretzel dip, and sit out on the patio til all hours of the night, with sparklers and lots of laughter.

It is so Americana; it is what you would expect 4th of July to be in small town. Everyone wears red, white, and blue, and decorates with bunting. I love it. I am so excited this year, because my brother's wife will be with us, and Dan will be there too! Not all my cousins can come, which is sad, but it will still be wonderful.

Here are some photos, courtesy of my cuz, Frank.

I love my family.

I found something amazing. Space Travel Bags, courtesy of The Container Store. Awesome. Compact everything so much. Yea packing solutions!

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Chuck said...

Ok, wait. Frank took that top black and white of the firework? Because that is a seriously great photograph. Does Frank have flickr?