Tuesday, July 8, 2008

America, America.

39 days left.

Cannot believe it. When I started my little countdown widget in my dashboard, it was over a hundred days away. Eeeep!

My last day of work is on Friday. After that, a month of packing, squeezing time in with friends, a little house-sitting, and enjoying America and all its America-ness.

I have a tendency to forget about the present, because I get so excited about what is going to come. Something I constantly recognize, rarely correct. I suppose it is true of a lot of people. So right now, I am trying to soak up every day, and I have a lot I want to do before I go - baseball game and eat a hot dog and cotton candy (go Cubs!), go to the Warren Dunes (next Tuesday - yippee!), visit my grandparents one last time, and spend every second possible with Dan.

Oh! I got a camera! It is a Canon Rebel XT, and I like it a lot. I wish the LCD screen was a little bigger... but whatever, I got an awesome deal on it. Here are some pictures I have taken so far.

I love my grandparents, and the 4th of July. Well, that is it for now.... I will try to post lots on my mini-adventures before my departure. Oh! And one more thing - I will be running the Paris Marathon, April 5, 2009. I am excited, and nervous. Ok, that really is all for now.

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Chuck said...

You got a DSLR!!! Me too! I just picked up a Nikon D80. I've been holding off for a year on buying a great camera. But it's sweet to finally have one. Check out my pictures at www.flickr.com/cskoda and get your own flickr account!