Monday, May 12, 2008


I already know there are some American things I am really going to miss.
So here is the list, in random order:
1. Dan
2. The Simpsons
3. peanut butter
4. America's Next Top Model (seriously)
5. my down comforter
6. green money
7. easily conversing in English
8. Portillo's
9. REAL Coca-cola (european coke is weird. at least I know in advance)
11. being only a few hours from Dan
12. family get-togethers
13. Minneapolis, in general
14. Dan
15. reading street signs
16. of course, lots of great people
17. Fahrenheit, miles per hour, inches and feet, cups and tablespoons, etc.
18. Dan
19. easily finding books in English
20. American sports
21. sales (Switzerland only has sales 2x a year. :( Seriously. )
22. sitting wherever I want at the movies (yes, there is assigned seating in Switzerland)
23. the election - I have voted every chance I have gotten, I will vote absentee, but you know
24. Dan
25. Dan

en fin


Catherine Nelson-Pollard said...

Hi Camille,

Peanut butter? No problem, there's an American market right here in Nyon with lots of U.S foodstuff to make you a litle less homesick, you can also buy it in a regular Swiss supermarket.

Sit where you want in the cinema. I've never had assigned seating in the seven years I've been here.

Coca-Cola, hmm, I haven't tasted any difference but I could be wrong on that.

Green Money? They have very pretty money over here but I guess I know what you mean, there is something special about one's own currency.

Easily finding books in English? No problem. They are more expensive to buy but they are here, however there is a great English library in Geneva, (the biggest in Europe I believe.) Membership is definitely worth it.

The Election well, depending which side of the politcal fence you sit on. For the Democrats there is a strong group in Geneva. They will probably hold a big event to watch it and let you vote in person too. They did something here for Super Tuesday. I imagine the Republicans will arrange something similar.

You will miss great people but I ca n assure you, you'll meet great ones here too and you will be living in a fab, fab place.

As for Dan, well that's something I afraid Switzerland can't provide.

Get him to visit you.

I'll send a more in depth reply to your great email soon, so thanks and Merci!

cam said...

you're ever so helpful! Thank you! :)

DL NELSON said...

Migros and Co-op carry Peanut Butter. There's an American Library in Geneva near the train station in the American Church. There's an annual fee but cheaper than Payot on Rue Chantepoulet in Geneva which has a great English section. The America Library also has a fantastic book sale in November and April with books going for a few francs.

connie said...

Alright, the Europeans might be bigger fans of the Simpson's than us Americans...really.

As for ANTM...girlfriend, go here:

You can find it all there. If not, go here:

You're advance :)

connie said...

And I recommend just going cold turkey with the PB. I feel freedom, so much better. I brought two jars home at Christmas and they were gone in two weeks. That's just unacceptable. You can do it! But you will probably pick up a new addiction in Nutella, which, let's be honest is better than PB.