Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I vowed before my arrival that my first blog from Switzerland would not be a little blurb, but I would actually flesh out a lot of details, pictures, etc. Oops...
Seriously, I was so tired upon arrival. I got here at about 8am Swiss time, which meant it was 1am back home. Friday night, before leaving, we had a little goodbye party, and Dan and I stayed up pretty late, drinking champagne with lots of candles under the twinkle lights on my back deck. It was nice - my four favorite things in one spot (Dan, champagne, twinkle lights, candles). The only way it could have been better would be if I found out I was also a Jedi Knight (yep, huge nerd).

We stayed up quite late so I would be tired and able to sleep on the plane. I was exhausted when I got on. But could I sleep a wink?
I tried all my falling-asleep tricks... but nothing worked. I just gave up after a while and watched a movie. So needless to say, by the time I got my suitcase and met Bertrand & Mathilde, I was dead on my feet.

Driving from the airport was so beautiful. Lots of trees, and mountains on the left, the lake on the right, and the Alps right across the lake.
The house is lovely; it is part of townhome (cannot think of another way to describe it), and it is 3 stories, plus a finished basement. I would have taken pictures of the whole house, but Ivana has apologized profusely because it is a little messy (they just returned from a 2 week holiday on Friday) and I do not want to offend her in anyway. It is cozy, full of art, music, and knick-knacks. I have my own room, bathroom, and a balcony. Here are some pictures!
Sorry, I had to use the crappy flash that is built into my camera. Look how organized I am! It is easy when you have so few clothes (I know, I know. So much black.).

It has been frustrating trying to communicate with the children, but they are fast learners. I think if I had studied more, it still would not have prepared me. But they are so sweet. They love to cuddle, they kiss me and say goodnight before bed, Mathilde has already drawn me two pictures, one of a sheep, and one of a horse, and they take good care of each other. Ivana & Bertrand are wonderful. As soon as I arrived, they showed me my room, let me shower, and take a nap before lunch. Later this week, Ivana's parents are going to take the children for a day so I can explore the city. They have really been sweet trying to make me feel at home, and encouraging me to get into everything. I really could not have asked for a better situation.

This weekend, I am going shopping and walking in the forest with Ivana, and hopefully purchasing some of the many, many things I did not bring (flat iron, nail polish remover, slippers, etc).

I love it here! But, I do miss Dan (and my family, of course). I mean, just look at this picture of Dan.
He is so handsome, and a class-act all the way. And the sweetest, most considerate man in the whole world.

Anyway, I am so tired, and I am ready for bed. Goodnight everyone. I will try to post regularly!

(Family, if you are reading this, please send Cheetos stat!)

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Catherine Nelson-Pollard said...

Ooh, you are here! That went by so quickly. A big BIENVENUE!
Email me and let me know when you next have some free time and I'll take you out for a beer/wine coffee (whatever your tipple is)
Dont forget my other blog which may interest you