Monday, September 15, 2008

I should go to bed...

... But Bagherra the cat has taken it over. Which I like. Bagherra is the sweetest cat in the world. She's named after the panther in Jungle Book, and she really looks like a mini-panther. Here she is. Normally she picks a side of my bed, like in the photo, but today she is smack-dab in the middle, and I can't bear to wake her up yet to move her.
It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.

Anyway, I just had a piece of ridiculously amazing cake. It's Bertrand's birthday today, so Ivana made a chocolate hazelnut cake. And whoa, is it good. It's a two layer, flourless chocolate cake, frosted (chocolate frosting, of course), and crowned with hazelnuts that are pan-toasted and glazed. Pretty amazing. Don't worry, I'm getting the recipe.

I just got back from an au pair meeting/bible study, and it was great. I can tell I'm going to make some pretty good friends out of the group, especially with Paul & Becky, the couple that heads LiNK (au pair group). Paul & Becky go to Westlake, the church I've been very happily attending, and they are just great people. They are from the Chicagoland area, too. We had a nice moment reminiscing about Italian Beef. Paul is really into cycling, and this summer he cycled across America! We've talked a lot about cycling and tonight we talked about cycling sometime around Lake Geneva (about 115-120 miles, a bike marathon). I just need to find a bike...

Right now my weeks are pretty packed, and that makes me happy, because time has been flying by. Let's see:
Monday - au pair bible study
Tuesday - kids have dance/singing class, I get off early
Wednesday - only work a half day, choir in the evening
Thursday - barely work a half day, au pair club/ TNT (church small group)
Friday - regular day of work, night is free
Saturday - free
Sunday - church in the evening

So nice. I feel very blessed in my schedule and with my family. My Swiss family is by no means perfect, but they sure are great.

It's time to move the cat to one side of the bed, so I can have the other. Goodnight!


Chip said...

Amazing. I have a similar situation with a little black doggie over by me ( Chicago-ese for home)

Chip said...

Oops. Bad link. Should have been ( Chicago-ese