Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Le Jeûne Fédéral

Throughout my day, I write little stories in my head, but when it comes to putting my thoughts down on paper (or computer), suddenly everything else becomes so much more appealing. Maybe I should get one of those handheld tape recorders, so when it does come time to putting it down, all I have to do is transcribe, instead of recreate. Hmmm...

Anyway, it's autumn. Officially, by the calendar, but you can feel it, and you can smell it, too. The air is crisper, and trees are starting to turn. It's lovely. The mountains behind our house are the Jura Mountains, and they are completely wooded, a little evergreen, a little deciduous. I cannot wait to see what it looks like in fall. I definitely will have my camera at the ready.

Yesterday was Le Jeûne Fédéral. It's a national holiday in Switzerland (well, the canton of Geneva celebrates it earlier than the rest of the country), so I had the day off! We talked a little bit about the holiday in church on Sunday, and basically this is what I gathered: Years and years ago, there was a huge famine. Sparta was able to donate enough flour for a whole people group to eat. When asked how they could spare so much food, the Spartans responded they had fasted for a day, and then were able to provide. Therefore, it is a national day of fasting. I definitely did not fast... mostly thanks to Becky's good cooking and amazing peach cobbler. I did spend the day with a few other au pairs, and Becky & Paul, who attend Westlake Church and also run LiNK, an au pair connection group. Paul took some of us sailing on Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), and it was great... though the wind picked up at the end, and we really got going (it was a little scary).

Some pictures!
our captain, Paul
Kornelia steering us towards France
the boat
I stole this picture from Kornelia:
Johann, me, & Jenna right about when it got crazy

All in all, it was a really nice day. I'm looking forward to October, because I am going to Zermatt with the au pair club, Anzère with my small group, and then who knows where else.

Sidenote: I've turned into Snow White or something since I moved here. Right now there are two cats and a dog sleeping in my room. The other day one of the cats followed me to the train and almost got on with me - I had to nudge her away with my foot at the last second. When the doors started to close the cat got scared and finally ran home. I shared a few laughs with the elderly couple that got on the train with me, though, and spoke a little French with them. So the cat brought us together.

My bed is calling my name. And this time Bagherra chose the edge, so I don't have to bother Her Royal Highness. Goodnight world!

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