Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today I was supposed to meet some girls in Geneva to do some shopping. MAC's holiday collection is being released today in Switzerland! We all have to take different trains/buses to get there, we were going to text/call each other and meet up. Except, someone is a moron and forgot her cell phone in her bedroom, and didn't discover that fact until she was standing alone in the train station in Geneva.

That moron was me.

I had no idea what bus/tram whatever Taryn was taking, and I had a vague idea what train Lindsay was taking, but we managed to not meet up. I waited around for a while, they waited, we were literally SO CLOSE, but after an hour (they already left after a while, thinking I was kidnapped or something), I decided to give up. Defeated, I went to Starbucks, and treated myself to a 7.60 CHF on a grande caramel macchiato, and honestly, it was worth every centime. I'm glad there isn't a Starbucks in Nyon, otherwise I would blow all my money on lattes, just to get a taste of home. I took the train back to Nyon, and bought some things I needed... and some things I didn't.

Starbucks reminded me of some things I miss from home. While at home, I rarely drank Starbucks (well, I did in Chicago, but Minneapolis has 1001 amazing coffee shops), but when I drank a Starbucks latte, it made me so happy, simply because it was familiar.

I miss:
my family
dollar theaters

and that's really about it (do I need to mention Dan? I mean, that just goes without saying.). I'm kind of surprised - I thought I would miss more American things by now. Not that I WANT to miss more, I'm glad I'm content here, it's just funny when I sit down and think about it, I don't miss too much. But, I'm sure things will change, and soon I'll be missing something silly like the way American ambulances sound as opposed to Swiss ones. I'll keep you posted.

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Swiss Miss said...

I miss buying things under $1!