Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothing, really.

Things have been pretty quiet around here. Nothing too exciting is happening, life is continuing as normal. Which is really nice; I was expecting time to drag after Dan left, to feel really sad and mopey. Luckily, not the case. There is still a lot to do: kids that demand a lot of attention, French to study, friends to see, etc. I think it was a little easier to say goodbye to Dan this time because I know I work for a great family, I have made great friends, and I'm actually learning French. Saying goodbye at O'Hare was awful - I was walking into a huge unknown. Exciting, but scary. Would I like my family - my employers and landlords? Would they like me? Would I make friends? Would I be able to communicate with the children? This time around, I know all those answers, so saying goodbye was just plain sad, not scary.

Anyway, here's a funny story. The other day I was trying to explain to Malko that in Switzerland people speak 4 languages: French, Swiss German, Italian, and Romansch. Malko totally didn't get it. He kept saying, "no, is Switzerland we speak French!" After a few times around he really stopped to think about it. Then he said, "In my country we speak 10 languages!" And I said, "Oh really? What's your country's name?" And he said, "Maranakanoir, but in English it's called Spootz." Then he starting listing off languages, "French, English, and Serbian..." and then he stopped. I said, "Malko, that's only 3 languages! What are the other 7?" He said, "It's only 3? Well, we only speak 3 languages then."
These are my two favorite pictures of Malko.
Isn't he darling?

Well, I'm off to read. I'm in the middle of reading 4 different books in English, and one in French. Two of the English books are theology, two are fiction. The French book is a children's novel (about 80 pages with a few illustrations) about a cat that doesn't want to eat animals, but just can't help himself (um, I think - I don't always pull out my dictionary cause it's huge). It's called Journal d'un chat assassin. And it's really funny (from what I gather).

That's all for now. Happy Tuesday and I'll do something exciting so I can blog about it.

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